Providing Dedicated Security Officers for Your Business

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company that provides professional security guards for governmental, commercial, and industrial facilities including executive protection.

Top Notch Security Inc

Top Notch Security Inc. Operating Guidelines

Our operating guidelines are based on years of combined professional security training and experience in law enforcement, property protection, and management of private security companies.

  • Government

    Government Security Officers secure entry to access gates and other administration facilities. Our security guards can also control workplace violence and keep the employees safe.

  • Commercial

    Commercial Security Officers conduct checks, lockups, and patrols for office buildings, shopping centers, malls, schools, colleges, and hotels. Parking area grounds security checks and night escorts for employees are also available.

  • Industrial

    We can provide Industrial Security Officers for construction sites, warehouses, industrial facilities, factories, and movie production locations.

  • Executive Protection

    Executive Protection (EP) specialists wear uniforms or business attire for personal security. They protect our clients who are attending private or public events such as movie sets, parties, tours, conferences, sports, and cultural events.

  • Our Edge

  • Personal Attention – Single Point Contact
  • Highly Trained Teams
  • Management – Industry Experts
  • Strong Financial Management – Growth Company
  • Nationwide 24/7 Service – Convenience
  • Disaster Response

    Our company can provide assistance with emergency site protection. We have a special response team that is available for 24-hour emergency services.

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